My name is Giovanni Felice Pace, I am an integrative Chartered Psychologist and Psychotherapist in advanced training. I am a member of BACP, British Psychological Society (BPS) and a Registered EuroPsy Psychologist. I work both in English and Italian.

As an integrative therapist, I respond to my clients’ needs by going beyond a one-size-fits-all approach.  I work with teenagers as well as adults in short and long term therapy.  I believe in the value of every human being, regardless of age, sexual orientation, cultural background or ethnicity.  I embrace a relational orientation with particular interest in the psychoanalytic and psychodynamic field, along with the Attachment theory and Transactional Analysis.

I have mainly worked with people on the Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Learning Disabilities in many different roles and levels, from Support Worker to Psychologist to Manager.  I have successfully worked 1:1 for over 6 months with self-harming clients on the Autistic Spectrum providing the opportunity to learn different strategies to express needs and pain.

As well as supporting the client to build compliance and trust, my approach allows to speak openly about uncomfortable issues and to explore them in a safe and confidential relationship.  As your therapist, I seek to establish a warm and non-judgemental environment that fosters a sense of safety.  We will work together to achieve your own personal goals by setting up smart outcomes together.

Psychotherapy does not offer quick-fix or sudden cure for issues: there will be obstacles along the path, and difficult moments which we will overcome together.  Psychotherapy is a very powerful instrument of self-growth once the actual living conditions and repetitive patterns are explored in a safe way.  Given these conditions, the healing process will come spontaneously.  Some clients choose to meet for a few weekly sessions, whilst others, who are willing to make significant changes in their lives, come for longer periods or years.

I work especially with:

• Sexuality
• Gender Issue
• Self-harming
• Abuse
• Trauma
• Addiction After-Care
• Making sense of what happened during the childhood
• Anger Issue
• Feeling hopeless and stuck
• Stress-related issues
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Eating Disorders

I provide counselling for individualsteenagers and adults of any agecouples, regardless of the sexual orientation, and specifically for people who identify themselves as LGB&T (QIA).

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07417 438853