What we offer

What we offer

You may be seeking therapy if you are experiencing difficult feelings in life in general or around a particular issue or event. The therapists at City Road offer individual therapy on both a short term or ongoing basis, depending on your needs.

All our therapists are generalists, which means we work with a wide range of issues. These may include:

Abuse, Anxiety, Anger difficulties, Bereavement, Depression, Loneliness, Low self esteem, Over-attachment to food, drink or drugs, Relationship issues, Sexual issues, Shyness, Work/Life balance.

Some therapists also have specific training and experience in specialist areas such as:

  • Couples therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Creative work
  • Executive coaching
  • Mindfulness based approaches addictions and eating disorders
  • Supervision to other therapists

To find out what our therapists offer and how we individually work please see our personal profiles.